Don’t Eat That….It’s Effing Nasty

Pot Noodle Bonanza

Pot Noodle Bonanza (Photo credit: Simon Greig (xrrr))

I was just sitting and thinking, and I thought “Do people even think about what they are eating”?  I see grocery carts full of soda’s, chips, pies, ice cream and miscellaneous “Prepared” convenience food; do we really need someone else to marinade our meats or cut up our vegetables for us?  So, unhealthy for us and especially our young ones.  I hear people say, “Let them be kids”,  I wasn’t aware that being a kid meant feeding on sugars and simple carbs.  This bothers me because (and this is my opinion and I don’t mean to offend anyone) eating this way instills bad/lazy eating habits.   Just something to think about.   Convenience food should not be a way of life.  Save the cake, ice cream and frozen Pizza for the weekends, eat freshly prepared meats and vegetables with fruits for dessert and nuts for snaking during the week.

I believe we should all take the time and it really doesn’t take much time to prepare a “fresh” meal.  And healthy snacks are really easy.  It consists of washing and slicing when you get them home from the grocery store and then putting them in airtight containers.  Or open containers work best for some things.  I put sliced melons or strawberries in airtight containers. I find grapes do better washed left on the vine in a paper towel lined glass bowl which I leave on the bottom shelf of the fridge.  When all fruit is washed and prepped it only take a minute to grab a quick healthy snack.  The same with vegetables.  I will share some of my personal time savers with you here in the blog.  I hope I can be of help to anyone reading.  Eating healthy is a life choice and I never use the word diet.  Diet sounds like a punishment and food is meant to nourish our bodies, eating healthy is not punishment.

4 responses to “Don’t Eat That….It’s Effing Nasty

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